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Chapter 4: NOLA. (N-O-L-A, NOLA)

Did that heading sound like Lola by The Kinks? Excellent, my work here is done. When I rolled off the plane in New Orleans, after successfully navigating my way from the hostel in Mexico via a stopover in I wanna say Charlotte, I noticed three things. I was hungover. So. Very. Hungover. I’d never experienced … Continue reading Chapter 4: NOLA. (N-O-L-A, NOLA)

Chapter 3: Porque No Las Dos?

***Chapter title has no relevance to the below, and every relevance to the taco ad made famous in the early 2000s in Australia, you’re welcome. If you’re under the age of 25 I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU. You can follow any mad idea that pops into your head without worrying what happens afterwards, because … Continue reading Chapter 3: Porque No Las Dos?

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