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One year later…

Exactly one year ago I watched the last episode of Murder, She Wrote, ending seven years of wildly inaccurate recaps of the exploits of the supreme being that is JB Fletcher. In the twelve months that have passed, I tried really hard to find a replacement TV show but commitment issues, mental health issues and … Continue reading One year later…

Congratulations, you made it to Friday.

If you’re very lucky, you have a friend who understands that frankly you’re weird and that needs to be encouraged. Fortunately I have a lot of friends who encourage my madness, and they send me things like the below and I’m very grateful.

Insomnia and mushrooms

I got my hair done for the first time since the coronapocalypse yesterday. It was also the longest amount of time I spent on public transport, and only the second time I’ve worn jeans. Weird does not even begin to describe it, although I did get accosted by a lady who wanted to chat about … Continue reading Insomnia and mushrooms

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